Lenovo Launches Workstation Tailored for AutoCAD LT

22 Aug, 2013 By: Cadalyst Staff

The compact, entry-level ThinkStation E32 is designed for 2D CAD users facing space and budget restrictions.

Yesterday Lenovo announced the ThinkStation E32, an entry-level workstation available in tower and small form factor (SFF) versions. The ThinkStation E32 is marketed toward product design and AEC professionals working in 2D, as well as users in the medical-imaging, media and entertainment, and financial services industries.

Select configurations of the ThinkStation E32 come loaded with a 60-day trial of AutoCAD LT 2014. "The ThinkStation E32 is built for the design and engineering community and is an ideal workstation for running AutoCAD LT," said Sheila Parker Tolle, senior director of ecommerce and small business marketing at Autodesk.

The ThinkStation E32 SFF, the more compact of the two designs, weighs 17.2 lbs and has a volume of 12.9 L. Images courtesy of Lenovo.

The tower version of the ThinkStation E32 SFF has a larger footprint but provides greater expandability; users can increase graphics support from an NVIDIA Quadro K600 card up to a K4000 card.
Images courtesy of Lenovo.

The Lenovo ThinkStation E32 features:

  • Certified for key applications from Autodesk, Adobe, Dassault Systémes, PTC, and Siemens
  • Available processors include Intel Xeon E3-1200v3
  • Available graphics cards include NVIDIA Quadro K4000 for the tower version and K600 for the SFF
  • Available operating systems include Windows 8 Pro
  • Configurable with as much as 32 GB of error-correcting code (ECC) memory
  • Configurable with as many as three HDDs: up to 3 TB SATA, 256 GB SS, and 128 GB mSATA
  • 92% power efficiency and 80 Plus Platinum certification
  • Six USB 3.0 ports.

The Lenovo ThinkStation E32 tower and SFF will be available starting September 6, with a starting price of approximately $729.

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