Xi MTower 2P64D

31 Oct, 2003 By: Ron LaFon

@Xi Computer Corp.

5 stars out of 5
Highly Recommended High performance scores are not unusual for@Xi Computer, but this time the results are exceptional. The Xi MTower 2P64 has marched well ahead of the pack with its C2001 benchmark scores.

Anyone with lingering doubts about using AMD microprocessors in the engineering workplace need look no further than the AutoCAD 2004

Xi MTower 2P64D
The Xi MTower 2P64 from @Xi Computer is this roundup’s top performer.
performance scores of the Xi MTower 2P64, which is based on dual AMD Opteron 64-bit 246 processors. The Cadalyst C2001 AutoCAD scores are not only the highest we’ve ever obtained, they’re 11.63 points (about 10%) ahead of the nearest competitor, the Polywell PolyStation 940X4. It is this kind of performance that gives the Xi MTower 2P64 a Highly Recommended rating—all to itself this time. However, the Maxbench 4 benchmarks were only marginally faster than other scores. The ViewPerf proe-01 test results were marginally, though not significantly, slower than those of other systems in this roundup.

At the heart of the Xi MTower 2P64 is an Arima HDAMB motherboard with dual AMD 64-bit Opteron 246 processors. The motherboard chipset is the AMD 8151 with 2GB of DDR 333 registered RAM installed (8GB maximum). The midsize tower features a swing-away drive bay door and is available in several different colors. The ten drive bays and the 420W AMS power supply offer plenty of room for expansion, earning this @Xi system an A1 in that category, in addition to the A1 for performance.

As you might expect, the AGP 8X PNY NVIDIA Quadro FX 3000 with its 256MB of integrated unified RAM is the graphic card of choice for the MTower 2P64. Even with this relatively expensive graphics card, total cost for the Xi MTower 2P64 system we tested is $5,799—in the midrange for this roundup, and not a bad price for what is currently the fastest AutoCAD system Cadalyst Labs has ever tested. Warranty coverage is 36 months for parts and labor, with 12 months of onsite service. Additional coverage plans are available for a fee.

With all vendors, the final workstation is never just the result of throwing together good components. There’s a lot more to it. Otherwise, anyone could build great, speedy workstations. It’s a combination of quality components, careful selection of parts during integration, and the experience and expertise to balance all the bits and pieces to produce a quality workstation. @Xi has found the right combination with its new MTower 2P64 system. Highly Recommended.

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