Infrastructure Design and Civil Engineering
Civil Software Drives Water System Improvements Article
Software Drives Water System Improvements   5 Nov, 2021

Civil Engineering: Civil engineers deploy new visual and spatial tools for water distribution. More>>

Bentley Systems, Building Back Better—Technology is the Answer Sponsored
Building Back Better—Technology is the Answer, Part 1   13 Sep, 2021

It’s time to turn to BIM and digital twin technology to solve real world problems and build for the future. More>>

Data Collection Steps Up for AEC Article
Data Collection Steps Up for AEC   7 Sep, 2021

New tools expand capabilities of surveying and civil engineering to bring important data into all design aspects. More>>

How business decision-makers can stimulate visionary thinking: Studying scenarios to navigate a volatile future   12 Jun, 2018

Scenarios have the power to anticipate potential systemic transformations, enable the necessary strategic dialogue between key stakeholders, to...More>>

Human and robot collaboration is evolving timber construction   17 May, 2018

Digitalisation has found its way into timber construction, with entire elements already being fabricated by computer-aided systems. The raw material...More>>