Product Design
Promoting Education, Part 2: Solidworks   4 Sep, 2008

Like an increasing number of CAD companies, SolidWorks offers a wide variety of products and programs for aspiring engineers.More>>

CircuitWorks – Electro Meets Mechanical, Part 1 (Solid Thinking SolidWorks Tutorial)   1 Sep, 2008

Software bridges the divide between electrical and mechanical, allowing you to automatically create accurate, fully populated models from ECAD data.More>>

Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology, Part 1 (On the Edge Solid Edge Tutorial)   1 Sep, 2008

New design practice promises the design freedom of explicit modelers with the parametric control of history-based systems.More>>

Adding Tolerances to an Autodesk Inventor Model Sketch (Avatech Tricks Tutorial)   1 Sep, 2008

The more information that's stored in your model, the more robust the model becomes.More>>

BonZai 3D Takes Root at SIGGRAPH   13 Aug, 2008

A nimbler, easier modeler from form.Z's maker AutoDesSys.More>>