Building Design
Bentley’s ISM Aims to Build Better Structural Engineering Projects    26 Jan, 2010

Integrated Structural Modeling workflows supported by new, free software tools will maximize interoperability of structural information among different specialized applications, CAD and BIM platforms, and design review environments, the company reports. More>>

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When it Comes to LEED, Platinum is the New Green   18 Nov, 2009

Graphisoft's ArchiCAD 3D BIM helped architect Carol Richard to design her dream home in a way that took her neighbors and the environment into account, and earned approval from the U.S. Green Building Council.More>>

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Generative Design Is Changing the Face of Architecture   14 Oct, 2009

New technology allows humans to harness computational powers for practical ends and to generate building design options that couldn't otherwise exist. How did it develop, and where will it lead us?More>>

What's the BIM Deal? Part 3   22 Sep, 2009

From users to IT to senior management, everyone in your company has their own expectations about BIM implementation. Communication, training, and planning will increase your chances of success and minimize the number of unhappy campers. More>>

What's the BIM Deal? Part 2   8 Sep, 2009

Readers are curious about building information modeling: Is it a reality yet? Will it change how contractors collaborate with architects? How can companies prepare to implement it? More>>