CAD Tech News
CAD Tech News #159   19 May, 2022

Intel’s 12th Generation Core CPUs Mark an Inflection Point in Workstation CPUs: Alder Lake signals a departure for Intel in more than one way, as 12th Generation technology, performance, and market positioning all shift substantially from previous Core generations.More>>

CAD Tech News #158   21 Apr, 2022

AMD Looking to Turn a Foothold for Workstation CPUs into Long-term Market Success: But the company's second generation of Threadripper PRO will face a far more competitive landscape than the first.More>>

CAD Tech News (#157)   17 Mar, 2022

The Radeon Pro W6400 GPU: A Kickstart for AMD in Mainstream CAD Computing? AMD's competitive positioning in the market for discrete workstation GPUs looking to improve, but beware a third supplier.More>>

CAD Tech News (#156)   17 Feb, 2022

The Misconception of Professional Computing and CPU Core Counts: Especially in CAD applications, lower core count CPUs still dominate the market.More>>

CAD Tech News (#155)   20 Jan, 2022

Intel's Alder Lake Ushers in a New, Unified Era in CPU Architecture: The 12th Generation Core brand processors based on Alder Lake are launching in CAD-capable platforms now.More>>