CAD Tech News
CAD Tech News (#100)    17 Jan, 2019

An explainer on the roles of graphics in 2D and 3D design applications, computer-aided engineering, metrology, and beyond; an exploration of how Optane technology can improve workstation performance. More>>

CAD Tech News (#99)   6 Dec, 2018

Alex Herrera shares a real-life application of virtual workstations; PTC acquires Frustum; Autodesk and Unity team up for AEC VR.More>>

CAD Tech News (#98)   15 Nov, 2018

Graebert, developer of ARES, continues to pursue a three-fold future for CAD.More>>

CAD Tech News (#97)   1 Nov, 2018

Hexagon buys Bricsys; Skand uses drones and ContextCapture to digitize a campus.More>>

CAD Tech News (#96)    18 Oct, 2018

A look at NVIDIA's new Turing GPU architecture and what it means for CAD users; Bentley Systems banks on digital twins as "the future." More>>