CAD Tech News
CAD Tech News (#157)   17 Mar, 2022

The Radeon Pro W6400 GPU: A Kickstart for AMD in Mainstream CAD Computing? AMD's competitive positioning in the market for discrete workstation GPUs looking to improve, but beware a third supplier.More>>

CAD Tech News (#156)   17 Feb, 2022

The Misconception of Professional Computing and CPU Core Counts: Especially in CAD applications, lower core count CPUs still dominate the market.More>>

CAD Tech News (#155)   20 Jan, 2022

Intel's Alder Lake Ushers in a New, Unified Era in CPU Architecture: The 12th Generation Core brand processors based on Alder Lake are launching in CAD-capable platforms now.More>>

CAD Tech News (#154)   16 Dec, 2021

The Metaverse: Separating the Wheat from the Chaff, from a CAD Perspective: Much of the early conceptual pitches might feel like marketing fluff, but the metaverse will hold some real value, particularly in CAD-centric computing.More>>

CAD Tech News (#153)   18 Nov, 2021

HP's Z2 and Intel's 11th Gen Core: Surveying Today's Quintessential CAD Workstation Hardware. An opportunity to check out the state of the art in mainstream fixed workstations, as well as assess the CAD performance of Intel’s Rocket Lake CPU.More>>