CAD Tech News
CAD Tech News (#136)   15 Oct, 2020

At the second GTC event this year, NVIDIA showcases Ampere GPUs.More>>

CAD Tech News (#135)   1 Oct, 2020

SOLIDWORKS proceeds down the platform path; BIM software market set for big expansion.More>>

CAD Tech News (#134)   17 Sep, 2020

How will AMD's Threadripper PRO and Intel's Xe and SuperFin technologies change the available processor options for CAD workstations?More>>

CAD Tech News (#133)   3 Sep, 2020

Asite pushes adoption of digital technologies in construction; a comparison of private cloud vs. public cloud costs for remote workstations.More>>

CAD Tech News (#131)   6 Aug, 2020

An examination of the efficacy of various strategies for democratizing engineering simulation; Autodesk responds to open letter from dissatisfied Revit users.More>>

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