CAD Tech News
CAD Tech News (#131)   6 Aug, 2020

An examination of the efficacy of various strategies for democratizing engineering simulation; Autodesk responds to open letter from dissatisfied Revit users.More>>

CAD Tech News (#130)   16 Jul, 2020

Hardware expert Alex Herrera explores the growing importance of chiplet architectures in boosting compute power; JPR analyst Kathleen Maher examines how the pandemic is reshaping the CAD industry.More>>

CAD Tech News (#129)   18 Jun, 2020

PTC CEO Jim Heppelmann delivers a keynote focusing on the value of cloud-based software; Unity survey indicates real-time 3D technology adoption is on the rise.More>>

CAD Tech News (#128)   4 Jun, 2020

A comparison of remote and local computing solutions, and an introduction to the DPU.More>>

CAD Tech News (#127)    21 May, 2020

Boxx expands beyond the desktop into remote workstations; AMD launches Radeon Pro VII workstation graphics card at less than $1,900.More>>