Civil Engineering
CAD Clinic: Civil 3D -- Surface Object Styles   6 Aug, 2006

Discover how to create components, view directions and control layers for a surface object style.More>>

CAD Clinic: Creating Complex Alignments with Civil 3D, Part 1   6 Jul, 2006

Use the constraints of alignment objects to control the interaction with neighboring elements.More>>

CAD Clinic: Civil Object Styles Made Easy   8 Jun, 2006

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CAD Clinic: Getting Started with Civil 3D Alignments   8 May, 2006

Civil 3D roads, railways, runways, bike paths and other linear designs all begin with an alignment object.More>>

Productivity Corner: Using Bentley WaterGEMS with GIS Data for Water Demand Allocation   8 May, 2006

Automated techniques help you meet current demands and plan for the future.More>>