Testing & Analysis
Siemens Builds Out Industrial Digitalization Support Network Article
Siemens Builds Out Industrial Digitalization Support Network   30 Dec, 2017

At Innovation Day 2017, Siemens showcases progress toward its goal of equipping enterprises with applications powered by its MindShare Internet of Things technology.More>>

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Cadalyst Verifies Systems Benchmark Test for AutoCAD 2017 and 2018   12 Dec, 2017

Download the Cadalyst Systems Benchmark to test and compare the performance of systems running AutoCAD 2000–2018.More>>

Decision-Making Metrics for Cloud-Based CAD Article
Decision-Making Metrics for Cloud-Based CAD   12 Jul, 2017

CAD Manager Column: Determining whether cloud-based resources are right for your company can be confusing. For greater clarity, start your evaluation with this checklist. More>>

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Autodesk Announces Its First Commercial Generative Design Product   30 Jun, 2017

Scheduled for launch in Netfabb 2018, Autodesk Generative Design seeks to help product designers by boosting the “computer-aided” part of CAD. More>>

Options in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016 Video
Options in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016   10 Apr, 2017

This Pluralsight tutorial provides an introduction to SOLIDWORKS Simulation capabilities with a look at the system and default options available to users.More>>