Data Management
How Did Our Data Get So Messed Up? Article
How Did Our Data Get So Messed Up?   25 May, 2022

CAD Manager's Column: Data and storage protocols are in worse disarray than before COVID-19 — what do we do?More>>

Cadalyst AEC Solutions Article
Leveraging BIM Data Throughout Project Lifecycles    5 May, 2022

AEC Solutions: Designers and builders collaborate to build more efficiently using BIM data.More>>

Tokamak Pit Sponsored
Visualization Technology Helps Infrastructure Projects Come to Life    26 Apr, 2022

Highlighted at this year’s NVIDIA GTC, virtual reality, metaverse, and other concepts are gaining traction and changing how AECO and infrastructure professionals work.More>>

Back-to-Basics Boot Camp: Data Security Article
Back-to-Basics Boot Camp: Data Security   13 Apr, 2022

CAD Manager's Column: While it might not be the most exciting task, making sure your data is safe and secure is of utmost importance. Find out how to lock down your data. More>>

Fast-Tracking GIS to Quickly Answer Difficult Questions Article
Fast-Tracking GIS to Quickly Answer Difficult Questions   6 Apr, 2022

GIS Solutions: Government, consultants, and users of all kinds can build custom maps showing detailed information on short notice with Maptitude. More>>