Workstation Minimums for 2022 and Beyond Article
Workstation Minimums for 2022 and Beyond   27 Jul, 2022

CAD Manager's Column: With the introduction of new workstation technology recently released, it’s time to investigate the latest specifications for CAD.More>>

Herrera on Hardware Article
The Radeon Pro W6400 GPU: A Kickstart for AMD in Mainstream CAD Computing?   17 Mar, 2022

AMD’s competitive positioning in the market for discrete workstation GPUs looking to improve, but beware a third supplier.More>>

Herrara on Hardware Article
The Misconception of Professional Computing and CPU Core Counts   17 Feb, 2022

Herrera on Hardware: Especially in CAD applications, lower core count CPUs still dominate the market.More>>

Intel’s Alder Lake Ushers in a New, Unified Era in CPU Architecture Article
Intel’s Alder Lake Ushers in a New, Unified Era in CPU Architecture   20 Jan, 2022

The 12th Generation Core brand processors based on Alder Lake are launching in CAD-capable platforms now.More>>

CAD Manager's Column Article
New Year, New Realities: Predictions and Resolutions for CAD Managers   12 Jan, 2022

CAD Manager's Column: 2022 will continue to be full of COVID-19 realities, high project loads, and a tight labor market. Make some important resolutions now so you can prepare and succeed this year.More>>