Why CAD Managers Need Authority Article
Why CAD Managers Need Authority   24 Sep, 2019

CAD Manager Column: Is lack of authority just an excuse for not being able to enforce standards and procedures? Here’s what you — and your upper management team — must understand about the necessity of authority in the CAD manager’s role.More>>

Herrera on Hardware Article
CPU Boost & Base Clocks: Why They Vary and How They Impact CAD Computing Performance   15 Apr, 2021

Herrera on Hardware: Explore the often overlooked differences in clocks as a function of core count, and why boost clock specifications deserve your attention.More>>

CAD Management: Situational Awareness Article
Keep Calm & Solve the Problem   14 Apr, 2021

CAD Manager Column: Being a CAD Manager is all about soft skills, such as communication, time management, organization, and situational awareness. Having situational awareness helps you find out the cause of a problem so you can better solve it and make sure it doesn’t happen again. More>>

DraftSight Insight: Keep on Workin’ — Your Files are Safe! Video
Keep on Workin’ — Your Files are Safe!   5 Apr, 2021

DraftSight Insight: Your data is preserved when shared between AutoCAD and DraftSight and vice-versa. Find out more with Lynn Allen!More>>

Calling All Designers, Engineers Article
Calling All Designers, Engineers   1 Apr, 2021

US President Biden’s American Jobs Plan will potentially drive billions of dollars into rebuilding infrastructure, plus reinvigorate US manufacturing and more. More>>

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