NX Mold Connect = Cloud Data Management Made Easy Sponsored
NX Mold Connect = Cloud Data Management Made Easy   20 Oct, 2022

Follow this team of designers as they learn how to use NX Mold Connect. In this article, they are moving forward with the project and using Siemens’ Connector to manage workflows in the cloud versus bogging down their desktop systems as they work with very large data files to get this project...More>>

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What is PDM and Why Do You Need It?    19 Oct, 2022

If you’re searching for data in different locations, it might be time to implement a PDM system. More>>

CAD Programming: Combining Python and .NET Article
Combining Python and .NET   19 Oct, 2022

CAD Programming: Automate AutoCAD using two different programming platforms — one for the program and the other for the GUI.More>>

CAD Manager Chronicles, Episode 3: CAD Constants Video
CAD Manager Chronicles, Episode 3: CAD Constants   18 Oct, 2022

VIDEO: While many things change as time goes on, there are key parts of being a CAD manager that remain the same. What are they and how do you keep improving on those things to build success?More>>

CAD Manager's Column: The Constants of CAD Management Article
The Constants in CAD Management   12 Oct, 2022

CAD Manager's Column: Celebrating Robert Green's 500th CAD Manager’s Column! The more things change, the more they stay the same — 500 columns into it, what are the constants of being a CAD manager? More>>