CAD Cartoon March 2023, by Roger Penwill Article
CAD Cartoon — March 2023    7 Mar, 2023

CAD Cartoon — March 2023 More>>

CAD Manager's Column: Your Personal Learning Plan — Part 1 Article
Your Personal Learning Plan — Part 1   22 Feb, 2023

CAD Manager's Column: As a CAD manager, it’s as important to stay on top of new technology and processes as it is to manage your workload. How to start? Make a list of what you need to know to help you and your team perform and get management’s approval.More>>

CAD Programming: More Fun with AutoLISP Article
More Fun with AutoLISP   16 Feb, 2023

CAD Programming: Using the AutoLISP Extension for Visual Studio Code to automate CAD tasks. More>>

Viewpoint: Systems Thinking and How to Engineer to Possible Article
Systems Thinking and How to Engineer to Possible   15 Feb, 2023

VIEWPOINT: How manufacturers use systems thinking and digital transformation to manage their complex designs, minimize failures, and bring new products to market faster.More>>

CADSOMA: A Place for CAD Plugins Sponsored
A Place for CAD Plugins   8 Feb, 2023

A new app store marketplace for CAD software and industry solutions.More>>