Design Spotlight: CAD with an Ocean View   1 Jun, 2001

Michael Wike, AIA, has learned to make his CAD software of choice, Chief Architect, adapt to his design style.More>>

Flying Through Space   1 Jun, 2001

Unlike 2D work in which you invariably look straight down on the World Coordinate System's xy plane, you use a variety of viewing directions when you construct 3D models.More>>

A New Openness   1 Feb, 2001

Release 5 of Autodesk's Mechanical Desktop, profiles no longer need to form a closed loop. In fact a profile can be as simple as a single line.More>>

Explosive Scenes   1 Oct, 2000

In manufacturing industries, exploded view drawings, such as the one shown in are used extensively in assembly and service manualsMore>>

Put an End to Those Features   1 Aug, 2000

All Mechanical Desktop 3D parts are made from sketched features, and all sketched features are made from 2D outlines (or profiles).More>>