Allplan FT takes object-oriented approach to AEC projects   31 Jan, 2002

Software delivers amazing array of design and project management tools.More>>

Dimensions and Models   30 Sep, 2001

It is difficult to get excited about AutoCAD 2002, because it contains very little that is new, and it contains nothing new for creating or editing 3D wireframes, surfaces, or solid models. AutoCAD 2002 does, however, have a new feature that will benefit those of you who work with 3D solid models.More>>

TruScan Surveyor   30 Jun, 2001

The VIDAR TruScan Surveyor has an optical resolution of 400dpi and a maximum interpolated resolution of 1600dpi.More>>

Design Spotlight: CAD with an Ocean View   31 May, 2001

Michael Wike, AIA, has learned to make his CAD software of choice, Chief Architect, adapt to his design style.More>>

Flying Through Space   31 May, 2001

Unlike 2D work in which you invariably look straight down on the World Coordinate System's xy plane, you use a variety of viewing directions when you construct 3D models.More>>