Put an End to Those Features   31 Jul, 2000

All Mechanical Desktop 3D parts are made from sketched features, and all sketched features are made from 2D outlines (or profiles).More>>

PRO-STEEL 3D   30 Jun, 2000

Tools for structural modeling and detailing.More>>

The Lowdown on Layouts   30 Sep, 1999

In AutoCAD 2000, Paper Space has been given a new look and new power. It is now almost impossible to ignore, and it is time for you to reconsider Paper Space.More>>

Points, Planes and Other Things   31 Jan, 1999

Despite marketing claims to the contrary, constructing parametric 3D models, such as those using Autodesk's Mechanical Desktop, is not at all like 2D drafting.More>>

Rendering With Bitmaps   31 Jan, 1998

Of all the new rendering capabilities in R14, those that can attach bitmap file images to surfaces are probably the most useful.More>>