Automatically Translate Layer Names Video
AutoCAD Tip – Automatically Translate Layer Names   6 Nov, 2007

AutoCAD's Laytrans command automatically translates an existing set of layer names to a different set of layer names.More>>

CNC Software Adds Video Demonstrations to Web Site   6 Nov, 2007

New online multimedia presentations describe Mastercam X2 MR2 functionality, including peel milling, saw toolpath, machining boundaries, surface creation, and more.More>>

Caligari Adds New Clinic to Thursday Night Live! Meetings   5 Nov, 2007

Sessions offer trueSpace users a place to ask questions and receive modeling tips and advice from Caligari staff and other users.More>>

Windows to the Darwinian Dilemma   5 Nov, 2007

Microsoft Global High Tech Summit 2007 tackles Web 2.0 collaboration hurdles facing today's manufacturers.More>>

MCAD Tech News (#225)   1 Nov, 2007

MCAD and Music Make Math Cool: Some companies are launching their own educational initiatives to ensure that future generations include qualified engineers.More>>