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CAD Central (News and Analysis)   1 Feb, 2009

SolidWorks CEO Blogs and Twitters; IMSI Delays Launch of CAD Freeware; For Design Answers, Ask Nature; Autodesk Rounds Out FEA Portfolio; Taiwan Plays Catch-Up in RP Development; Judge Partially Dismisses Autodesk vs. SolidWorks Suit; Geomagic Studio 10x Ships; The Fate of Macworld Expo; AMD Looks...More>>

CAD Central (News and Analysis)   31 Oct, 2008

IMSI/Design Freeware Targets AutoCAD LT Users; Quiet Eulogy for Mechanical Desktop; Joel Harris Wins Hot Tip Harry Challenge 2008; Student's Facebook Efforts Earn AU Scholarship; Autodesk Announces 64-Bit Revit; Autodesk Fights SolidWorks over DWG; Dell Debuts Mobile Workstation to Covet; Object 3D...More>>

CAD Central (News and Analysis)   30 Sep, 2008

PTC Dodges 'For Sale' Rumors; Struc-Soft Struck by Bentley; New Cadalyst Blog: 'Kenneth Wong on CAD'; Cadalyst Updates Benchmark Test; GPU Battles CPU for Computing Hearts; IntelliCAD Users Unite in New Forum; Fashionable New Wrinkle in CAD/CAMMore>>

CAD Central (News and Analysis)   31 Aug, 2008

Spatial Stays a Step Ahead with ACIS Kernel; Bentley and Autodesk: Off-Again, On-Again Rivalry; AutoDesSys Cultivates Bonsai 3D; CS-Map Versus PROJ.4; Dreamy Color in a Mobile WorkstationMore>>

CAD Central   31 Jul, 2008

Oracle Enters Adobe Territory; From Alibre to Altadyn (or As the CAD World Turns); Crank Out Inventions; Rugged Survivor Returns to Duty;Robotics Enthusiasts Wanted; Autodesk Student Community GrowsMore>>