A 3D Form Synthesizer   31 Dec, 2002

auto-des-sys, Inc. frequently refers to form•Z as a "3D form synthesizer" to emphasize the program's ability to manipulate digital data in creating 3D shapes, just as a music synthesizer manipulates digital data in creating music.More>>

Bug Watch: January 1, 2003   31 Dec, 2002

As reported January 1, 2003More>>

ArchiCAD 8 builds on success   31 Dec, 2002

The newly released version of Graphisoft's ArchiCAD software for architectural design and drawing, ArchiCAD 8, continues the development of this venerable product and solidifies its position in the top tier of this class of software.More>>

when surfaces meet solids   31 Dec, 2002

Midrange MCAD applications benefit as surfaces and solids converge.More>>

Meshes and Nurbs   30 Nov, 2002

This month we will finish examining form•Z's tools that transform wire objects into 3D objects.More>>

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