Going to Work at 20,000 Leagues   22 Mar, 2007

A tabletop Christmas tree, a foldable table inspired by roaring flames, a surfboard-shaped acrylic bar counter with droplet patterns -- they're just a few of the fanciful items produced by Because We Can, a design and fabrication shop owned and operated by Jeffrey McGrew and Jillian Northrup.More>>

Acrobat Insider for Manufacturing #10 (PDF)   21 Mar, 2007

Get Your Designs Moving: Using Acrobat 3D Toolkit to create animations and exploded viewsMore>>

Acrobat Insider #15 (PDF)   21 Mar, 2007

Meet the Newest Member of the Team: Adobe Reader 8 Enhances Online Collaboration in AEC WorkflowsMore>>

GIS Tech News (#33)   20 Mar, 2007

The Urban Forest in Bits and Bytes: Autodesk Plants Inner-City Tree-Tracking Technology in San Francisco.More>>

The Urban Forest in Bits and Bytes   20 Mar, 2007

The old oak tree across the street from your house, the knurly juniper outside your window and the tall cypresses along the great highway are all part of the urban forest, the natural foliages to offset the concrete jungle.More>>