On the Job (Case Studies)
Yacht Builder Bends the Curve with 3D CAD   2 Dec, 2007

Surface modelers based on NURBS provide true mathematic equations of curved surfaces for better accuracy and more complicated designs.More>>

Wheels Designed in 3D Improve Wheelchair Mobility   20 Nov, 2007

One inventor's quest to improve mobility and reduce repetitive strain for users of manual wheelchairs owes his success to 3D CAD technology.More>>

"House of the Year Presents New Translation of Classic Design   25 Oct, 2007

Besides its beauty, the Aatrial House was recognized by World Architecture News for its innovation in the creation of a unique atrial concept.More>>

CAD Powers New Land Speed Record   22 Oct, 2007

Russ Wicks and his American Challenge team use Autodesk products to configure a Dodge stock car that reached 244.9 mph.More>>

Three Products, One Opportunity to Collaborate   15 Oct, 2007

A scientific equipment manufacturer uses 3D modeling and PLM to push production volumes up while driving manufacturing costs down.More>>