CAD Manager's Newsletter (#203)   9 Sep, 2008

CAD Manager Programming Topics, Part 1: If you've been thinking about learning programming but aren't sure whether you should, here's what you need to know.More>>

Should You Learn to Program AutoCAD? Yes! (Harry's Code Class Newsletter)   25 Aug, 2008

AutoCAD users can dip their toes in customization or dive in head-first. Time and effort required may vary, but every approach pays off.More>>

Keep Your Code Collection in Perfect Harmony (Harry's Code Class Newsletter)   21 Jul, 2008

Harry offers a few tips for using free Web downloads, and gives a sneak peak of Cadalyst's new CAD Tips site.More>>

Bentley and Autodesk Join Hands to Bridge DGN and DWG   10 Jul, 2008

Bentley signs agreement with Autodesk, reduces its reliance on ODA's libraries.More>>

From Idea to Code (Harry's Code Class Newsletter)   23 Jun, 2008

Every computer program is unique, but the steps of every programming process are fundamentally the same.More>>