2D Drafting / General-Purpose CAD
Translating Data with Civil 3D, part 3 (CAD Clinic: Civil 3D Tutorial)   28 Feb, 2007

Transfer survey and civil data between Civil 3D and other applications.More>>

Creating Symbols (From the Trenches AutoCAD Tutorial)   28 Feb, 2007

Make symbols that withstand multiple use.More>>

Customization, What Customization? (Bug Watch AutoCAD Tutorial)   28 Feb, 2007

What to do when drawings give multiple errors and how to fix pesky pixels.More>>

Tips from Our Readers -- March 2007 (Hot Tip Harry AutoCAD Tutorial)   28 Feb, 2007

Fetch dynamic block names, add a tilde, insert and remove vertex points in polylines and more.More>>

Digging Deeper into Materials (Circles and Lines AutoCAD Tutorial)   28 Feb, 2007

Customize materials to get the look you want.More>>

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