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CAD Manager's Newsletter #497   24 Aug, 2022

How to Audit Your Office CAD Use Subtitle: Use this process to fix problems and errors throughout your organization to keep work moving. More>>

CAD Manager's Newsletter #496   10 Aug, 2022

Time-Tested Software Implementation Tips: When implementing new software, how do you best bring the whole team along? How do you inspire (or cajole) them into willingly learn the new program? More>>

CAD Manager's Newsletter #495   27 Jul, 2022

Workstation Minimums for 2022 and Beyond — With the introduction of new workstation technology recently released, it’s time to investigate the latest specifications for CAD.More>>

CAD Manager's Newsletter #494   13 Jul, 2022

You’ve Got to Have a Plan — There are so many facets to your job as a CAD manager, you must have a plan that you reference throughout the year. Find out what you need to keep track of to help yourself, your team, and your company be successful.More>>

CAD Manager's Newsletter #493   22 Jun, 2022

Overhead Bad — Billable Good: As the economy slows, being seen as an “overhead” expense can put your job at risk. Find out how to explain to upper management why the CAD manager is an active “billable” role and that you’re integral to getting work out the door quickly and profitably.More>>