CAD Manager's Newsletter
CAD Manager's Newsletter (#437)   14 Jan, 2020

Resolve to be a more prepared and capable CAD manager in 2020 — Robert Green will show you how.More>>

CAD Manager's Newsletter (#436)   10 Dec, 2019

Robert Green shares conclusions drawn from speaking with CAD managers and vendors at Autodesk University 2019.More>>

CAD Manager's Newsletter (#435)   12 Nov, 2019

When CAD managers are buffeted by changes in tools and workflows, incremental innovation is a sensible approach that minimizes risk and cost.More>>

CAD Manager's Newsletter (#434)   8 Oct, 2019

Are your users relying on free file-hosting services to sync their files — and do you know the risks of that approach?More>>

CAD Manager's Newsletter (#433)   24 Sep, 2019

CAD managers and upper management must understand the importance of authority to enforce standards and procedures. More>>

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