CAD Manager's Toolbox/Q&A
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Project Chronicle: Create Video Tutorials With a Twist   21 Jan, 2013

CAD Manager’s Toolbox: Free utility from Autodesk Research records CAD workflows and makes them easy to share online. More>>

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Take Stock of Your IT Assets   8 Jan, 2013

CAD Manager's Toolbox: Inventory the tools that your users currently work with so that you can reliably forecast future requirements. More>>

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Tackle the Status Quo in Your Workplace   11 Dec, 2012

CAD Manager's Toolbox: Change is scary, even when there's a good reason for it. To ease the transition to new methods, demonstrate how they'll save time and increase efficiency.More>>

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Get More Information from Your CAD Users   13 Nov, 2012

CAD Manager's Toolbox: There are some things that we adults can learn from a three-year-old — and one of those is the power of asking, "Why?"More>>

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Identify the 'Quick Win' Opportunities in Your To-Do List   23 Oct, 2012

Are you facing a mountain of CAD management duties? Start with the tasks that yield big rewards, but require only a limited time investment.More>>