Harry's Code Class
Working with AutoCAD Selection Sets (Harry's Code Class Newsletter)   24 Nov, 2008

When building a Visual LISP or VBA routine, understand the unique rules that control these objects.More>>

VBA, Visual LISP Answers to the Same Question (Harry's Code Class Newsletter)   26 Oct, 2008

User's request for global text clean-up routine leads to dual solution that serves as a great instructional example, as well.More>>

Integrating AutoCAD with Other Applications (Harry's Code Class Newsletter)   22 Sep, 2008

Custom programming lets your systems share data -- and ramps up your productivity.More>>

Should You Learn to Program AutoCAD? Yes! (Harry's Code Class Newsletter)   25 Aug, 2008

AutoCAD users can dip their toes in customization or dive in head-first. Time and effort required may vary, but every approach pays off.More>>

Keep Your Code Collection in Perfect Harmony (Harry's Code Class Newsletter)   21 Jul, 2008

Harry offers a few tips for using free Web downloads, and gives a sneak peak of Cadalyst's new CAD Tips site.More>>