Harry's Code Class
From Idea to Code (Harry's Code Class Newsletter)   23 Jun, 2008

Every computer program is unique, but the steps of every programming process are fundamentally the same.More>>

To Err Is Human (So Program Accordingly), Part 2 (Harry's Code Class Newsletter)   26 May, 2008

Harry gets specific about how to include error catching in AutoLISP and VBA programs.More>>

To Err Is Human (So Program Accordingly) (Harry's Code Class Newsletter)   21 Apr, 2008

In Part 1 of a series, Harry offers some basic advice about error handling for Visual LISP and VBA programming.More>>

Messing with Layer Names (Harry's Code Class Newsletter)   24 Mar, 2008

Today's lesson demonstrates how to create an object-oriented Visual LISP routine that processes multiple AutoCAD drawings.More>>

All Sorts of Possibilitiles (Harry's Code Class Newsletter)   25 Feb, 2008

Visual LISP offers built-in and definable options for automatically arranging data in ascending, descending, or alphabetical order.More>>