Harry's Code Class
Although Basic, Symbols Aren't Simple (Harry's Code Class Newsletter)   21 Jan, 2008

Understanding these fundamental elements of Visual LISP is essential to building strong custom routines for AutoCAD.More>>

Drawing by the Rules (Harry's Code Class Newsletter)   26 Nov, 2007

This month, Harry provides a lesson in parametric programming in VBA that applies to Visual LISP as well.More>>

Macros of Mass Manipulation (Harry's Code Class Newsletter)   22 Oct, 2007

Need to change entity objects throughout a batch of AutoCAD drawings? Write an AutoLISP routine to do the dirty work for you.More>>

Harry's Code Class (September 2007)   24 Sep, 2007

VBA vs. Visual LISP -- The Debate Continues: VBA is far more versatile, but Visual LISP goes with AutoCAD like jam on toast. How does one choose?More>>

Harry's Code Class: Tips for Programmers (August 2007)   27 Aug, 2007

Get Your Data in a Row (and Column): Write a Visual Basic routine to automatically create a table in AutoCAD.More>>