Alibre Design Tutorials
Alibre Options: How to Securely Share Design Data in Alibre Design Without Giving Up Control   7 Aug, 2006

Use a repository to share data and set access permissions.More>>

Alibre Options: Unleash Configurations in Parts and Assemblies   7 Jul, 2006

Alibre Design's configuration tools make it easy to change and manage parts and assemblies on the fly.More>>

Alibre Options: Creating Patterns Using Standard Sketch Shapes   9 Jun, 2006

Save time when creating duplicate 3D features with the Feature Pattern tool.More>>

Alibre Options: Patterns Made Easy   9 May, 2006

Use Alibre Design's pattern tool to save time when creatingrepetitive features.More>>

Alibre Options: Introduction to Design Configurations in Alibre Design v9   12 Apr, 2006

Now a single part or assembly file can contain multiple versions of a design.More>>