AutoLISP Solutions (AutoCAD Programming)
AutoLISP Solutions: Generate a series of alphanumeric text strings   14 Jul, 2005

AutoLISP helps you create alphanumeric text strings where the letters or numbers can change incrementallyMore>>

AutoLISP Solutions: Placing Notes in Paper Space Based on Attributes in a Model Space XREF   14 May, 2005

Combine attribute numbers from model space with keynotes from Excel on a paper space layoutMore>>

AutoLISP Solutions: Draw a Sinusoidal Curve as a Spline or Polyline   14 Mar, 2005

Latest routine draws a sinusoidal curve as a spline or polyline.More>>

Plot Assay Data Using Values from a Spreadsheet   14 Jan, 2005

AutoLISP routine inserts blocks with geological sample attributes.More>>

Update Your Attribute Blocks Automatically   14 Nov, 2004

AutoLISP routine uses Microsoft Access data to automatically update AutoCAD attribute blocks.More>>

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