AutoLISP Solutions (AutoCAD Programming)
Splines to Plines   30 Nov, 2003

AutoLISP Solutions: AutoLISP program quickly converts splines to polylines.More>>

Insert Blocks from a Database   31 Oct, 2003

AutoLISP Solutions: AutoLISP program uses database to place blocks.More>>

Convert 3D Polylines to 2D   31 Aug, 2003

AutoLISP Solutions: See how Visual LISP can cut down your coding in this routine that converts 3D polylines to 2D polylines.More>>

Remove Selected Attributes   30 Jun, 2003

AutoLISP Solutions: Choose what to lose -- updated routine lets you select the attributes to remove from multiple drawings.More>>

Import 3D Points from Excel (AutoLISP Solutions)   31 Mar, 2003

AutoLISP routine imports x,y,z coordinate data from a spreadsheet file, then uses it to create a polyline in AutoCAD.More>>

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