AutoLISP Solutions (AutoCAD Programming)
Generate an Epitrochoidal Spline Curve (AutoLISP Solutions AutoCAD Tutorial)   1 Jan, 2008

This solution draws a spline of an epitrochoid in AutoCAD to simplify the process of developing machined parts.More>>

Inserting Blocks Using a Transformation Matrix (AutoLISP Solutions AutoCAD Tutorial)   1 Nov, 2007

This solution lets you add blocks to an AutoCAD drawing and place them in the correct position and orientation.More>>

Add Blocks and Update a List of Materials (AutoLISP Solutions AutoCAD Tutorial)   1 Sep, 2007

Program automatically populates blocks with part numbers, quantity, vendor, and description.More>>

Filling Up (AutoLISP Solutions AutoCAD Tutorial)   1 Jul, 2007

Advanced array fills a variety of area shapes with user-selected blocks.More>>

Tidy Circles (AutoLISP Solutions AutoCAD Tutorial)   1 May, 2007

Programs trim all entities outside of a circle and convert circles to polylines.More>>