Bug Watch (AutoCAD Tutorials)
AutoCAD 2008 Service Pack 1 -- Yay or Nay? (Bug Watch AutoCAD Tutorial)   31 Jan, 2008

Did Service Pack 1 introduce some problems? Here's how to fix them.More>>

Revenge of the Annoyances (Bug Watch AutoCAD Tutorial)   31 Dec, 2007

Nine more ways in which Autodesk got scale lists wrong and other annoyances.More>>

Annoyance Watch (Bug Watch AutoCAD tutorial)   30 Nov, 2007

No AutoCAD bugs this month -- does that bug you, or is it just an annoyance?More>>

AutoCAD 2008 Service Pack 1 Arrives with a Pleasant Surprise (Bug Watch AutoCAD Tutorial)   31 Oct, 2007

Hooray! Your dialogs are going to stick -- hopefully! Plus, what to do about those massive scale lists.More>>

Don't Get Your Ys in a Knot (Bug Watch AutoCAD Tutorial)   30 Sep, 2007

AutoCAD 2008 doesn't always cooperate with Explorer -- or let you save your drawing.More>>