Circles & Lines Tutorials by Autodesk Evangelist, Lynn Allen
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Eleven Efficiency Boosters for AutoCAD   22 Jan, 2014

High-profile features are nice, but these subtle improvements will really enhance your productivity.More>>

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Get a Grip on Array Editing   11 Mar, 2013

Circles and Lines Tutorial: In AutoCAD 2013, new dynamic grips and polar and path array tools make it even easier to manage arrays. More>>

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Autodesk 360: CAD on the Cloud   28 Nov, 2012

Circles and Lines Tutorial: New web-based services and computing power can take your productivity to a higher place.More>>

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The Devil’s No Longer in the Details   10 Sep, 2012

Circles and Lines Tutorial: New detail and section view tools in AutoCAD 2013 are easy to use and flexible enough to conform to your CAD standards.More>>

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Exposing Hidden Gems in AutoCAD 2013   18 Jul, 2012

Circles and Lines Tutorial: Eleven little productivity enhancements add up to big time savings.More>>