Circles & Lines Tutorials by Autodesk Evangelist, Lynn Allen
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AutoCAD for Mac Is Back!   4 Feb, 2011

Circles and Lines Tutorial: After an 18-year absence, Autodesk reintroduces native AutoCAD for the OS X platform.More>>

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AutoCAD 2011: These Are a Few of My Favorite Things   27 Oct, 2010

Circles and Lines Tutorial: In addition to major enhancements, the latest AutoCAD release adds many small but powerful features.More>>

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Step Up the Power of Parametrics   28 Jun, 2010

Circles and Lines Tutorial: What's better than a geometric constraint in AutoCAD? Multiple constraints applied instantly! That's the magic of AutoConstrain.More>>

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Please Pass the Parametrics   3 Mar, 2010

Circles and Lines Tutorial: AutoCAD users can finally enjoy the benefits provided by geometric constraints: easier drawing and editing.More>>

Bringing PDFs into AutoCAD   5 Oct, 2009

Circles & Lines tutorial: Users requested the ability to import PDF files, and AutoCAD 2010 grants their wishes with capabilities to add PDFs as underlays that can be traced and added to design files.More>>