Circles & Lines Tutorials by Autodesk Evangelist, Lynn Allen
A PDF Wish Comes True! (Circles and Lines AutoCAD Tutorial)   23 Jun, 2009

Going from AutoCAD DWG to PDF has never been easier, thanks to improvements in v2010.More>>

AutoCAD 2010 Makes Everyday Drawing Easier (Circles and Lines AutoCAD Tutorial)   16 Apr, 2009

Updates to layer colors, hatching, line conversions, purge, and more will help speed up common tasks.More>>

Capture the Perfect Selection Set in AutoCAD (Circles and Lines AutoCAD Tutorial)   1 Feb, 2009

QSelect quickly gathers and counts your objects of choice.More>>

Dimension Tips (Circles and Lines AutoCAD Tutorial)   30 Nov, 2008

Two features found in AutoCAD 2008 can tame your misbehaving dimensions.More>>

Object Properties at Your Fingertips (Circles and Lines AutoCAD Tutorial)   31 Oct, 2008

Reduce repetition with the Quick Properties tool and Rollover Tooltips feature in AutoCAD 2009.More>>