Circles & Lines Tutorials by Autodesk Evangelist, Lynn Allen
AutoCAD 2009: Changes to the User Interface (Circles and Lines AutoCAD Tutorial)   30 Apr, 2008

The modifications are extensive, and they may help you get your work done faster.More>>

AutoCAD 2009: Fabulous Improvements to Everyday Commands (Circles and Lines AutoCAD Tutorial)   31 Mar, 2008

New capabilities for simple commands mean better productivity in this new Autodesk release.More>>

Create Your Own AutoCAD Commands (Circles and Lines AutoCAD Tutorial)   29 Feb, 2008

Customizing commands in AutoCAD helps to reduce tedious repetition.More>>

Unraveling AutoCAD's CUI, Part 2 (Circles and Lines AutoCAD Tutorial)   31 Jan, 2008

Creating toolbars that are perfect for you.More>>

Unraveling AutoCAD's CUI, Part 1 (Circles and Lines AutoCAD Tutorial)   31 Dec, 2007

What is the CUI, and how do you change workspaces?More>>