Column: From the Trenches (Solutions from Readers)
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Connect Project Teams with AutoCAD and ProjectWise   6 Jun, 2012

From the Trenches: Does your dispersed team rely on AutoCAD and Bentley ProjectWise? This tutorial explains how to integrate the two.More>>

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Rules of File Referencing   8 Jun, 2011

From the Trenches: These rules will help you keep multi-person CAD and BIM projects in order on a file server.More>>

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Reprogram Your Mouse Buttons   11 May, 2011

From the Trenches: Want to use your thumb button for Escape? It's easy to modify your multibutton mouse to suit your preferences.More>>

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Create Custom AutoCAD Commands and Toolbars   5 Apr, 2011

From the Trenches: Looking for an easier way to access your custom LISP routines? This user-written tutorial will walk you through the toolbar creation process.More>>

AutoLISP: A Civil Designer's Helpmate   17 Mar, 2009

Use this powerful programming tool to query and label GIS object data, convert unusable points, and much more.More>>