Hot Tip Harry (AutoCAD Programming Tips)
Pleasures of Customization (Hot Tip Harry AutoCAD Tutorial)   30 Jun, 2008

An object query function earns Harry's kudos as July's Top Tip.More>>

Just a Few CAD Renovations (Hot Tip Harry AutoCAD Tutorial)   31 May, 2008

Harry shares some productivity tools, including this month's Top Tip -- a duplication drafting tool.More>>

Shortcuts and Solutions (Hot Tip Harry AutoCAD Tutorial)   30 Apr, 2008

Harry's top tip helps you manage xref block layers.More>>

Tips Rain Down on Harry (Hot Tip Harry AutoCAD Tutorial)   31 Mar, 2008

From a bountiful batch of routines, Harry praises a robust set of command functions for breaking all selected objects.More>>

CAD from the Streets (Hot Tip Harry AutoCAD Tutorial)   29 Feb, 2008

This month's winner simplifies pipe and column drawings by automating AutoCAD's Extrusion command.More>>