Column: Programmer's Toolbox
Using Selection Filters   31 Dec, 2001

An important aspect of most AutoCAD-based programming projects is the building of one or more selection sets.More>>

The Visual LISP Integrated Development Environment   31 Oct, 2001

Before Visual LISP and the IDE (Integrated Development Environment), AutoLISP developers were forced to use text editors or word processors that know nothing about LISP syntax and requirements.More>>

Error Catching in Visual LISP and VBA   31 Aug, 2001

Programming applications will often involve the detection of and recovery from errors caused by a variety of sources.More>>

Using Visual LISP to Improve VBA   30 Jun, 2001

This month we're going to take a look at some Visual LISP functions that will assist VBA programmers.More>>

Entity Level Reactors in VBA   28 Feb, 2001

Reactors are functions we write that run in response to something happening in the computer system.More>>

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