Column: Programmer's Toolbox
To AutoLISP or VBA?   31 Dec, 2000

What's the difference between AutoLISP and VBA?I want to learn how to program AutoCAD, but I'm not sure which tool to learnfirst. Which one is better?More>>

Attaching Data to AutoCAD Entity Objects   31 Oct, 2000

Do you know what differentiates AutoCAD from a drawing program of lesser value? The quick answer is AutoCAD has programming interfaces.More>>

Programming Reactors   31 Aug, 2000

Reactors are functions (program modules) that run in reaction to something going on within the system.More>>

Visual LISP System Utilities   30 Apr, 2000

Let's explore some of the features in Visual LISP that relate to the operating system and develop a utility for our toolbox that has been frequently requested by readers.More>>

Manipulating Attributes   29 Feb, 2000

AutoCAD drawings can contain data that can be used by other computer programs to perform a variety of tasks such as creating a bill of materials, validating a design, interfacing to a machine tool or any number of activities.More>>

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