Column: Programmer's Toolbox
When a Line Is Not Just a Line   1 Sep, 2003

What makes a CAD drawing special?More>>

Parametrics-Driven Drawings   1 Jul, 2003

Can one drive an AutoCAD drawing from an Excel spreadsheet? The answer is a resounding "Yes!"More>>

AutoCAD Driving Lessons   1 May, 2003

When programming AutoCAD applications using VBA, there is a conflict that sometimes manifests itself.More>>

Comparing Visual LISP to PowerCAD's FLISP   1 Mar, 2003

The LISP language has been an important part of AutoCAD since it first appeared over a decade ago. During that time hundreds of thousands of macros have been created that enhance the operation of AutoCAD.More>>

What's a Custom Object?   1 Jan, 2003

In the world of AutoCAD programming it is not uncommon to hear someone mention the term custom object.More>>

Embedded versus DVB Files   1 Nov, 2002

Visual BASIC for Applications (VBA) developers have two choices for the storage of their macros.More>>

The Case for Customization   1 Sep, 2002

Large companies may do design and drafting in separate service groups, assigning users wherever they are required. But the reality with today's technology is different.More>>

Is LISP Out of a Job? No Way!   1 Jul, 2002

There are a lot of tools for customizing AutoCAD, so programmers often want to know which tool is the best for the job and which to learn at the exclusion of all others.More>>

Object Manipulation in Visual LISP   1 May, 2002

Although the computer is much faster at solving rigorous mathematics than we are, it lacks the conceptual talent to understand what it sees.More>>

Programming for the Future--Surviving Upgrades   1 Mar, 2002

Will our custom programs run okay after we upgrade AutoCAD? What types of difficulties or hurdles will be encountered?More>>

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