Column: CAD Manager
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Equip Your Workforce for Success on the Road   9 Nov, 2010

Managing a mobile CAD staff means more than buying laptops. Arm yourself with this checklist of essentials.More>>

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CAD Manager's Survey 2010, Part 2   26 Oct, 2010

In Part 2 of a series, Robert Green looks at how CAD managers’ jobs have changed since the economic downturn. He examines survey results about compensation, job security and workloads, corporate spending and training, and authority in the workplace.More>>

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CAD Manager's Survey 2010   12 Oct, 2010

How much money do CAD managers make? How old are they? Do they work part-time or full-time? How has the economic roller coaster affected their jobs? These questions and more are answered with the help of your fellow CAD managers!More>>

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Your New CAD Management Plan   21 Sep, 2010

With economic recovery in sight, now is the time to develop strategies for budgeting, growth, and user training.More>>

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A Preview of the CAD Manager's Survey 2010    7 Sep, 2010

Reader feedback helped create this year's survey, which is almost ready for your input. The topics will include demographic data, CAD standards, training, and much more.More>>