Column: CAD Manager
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Maximum Training for Minimum Money   1 Jul, 2010

Set up a self-learning program for your users to increase skills and productivity even when times are tight.More>>

CAD Management as Overhead   22 Jun, 2010

Not everyone agreed with the advice on how to bill CAD management duties during this economy. A project manager's backlash spurs clarification and further advice. More>>

CAD Management in a New Economy, Part 2   8 Jun, 2010

Evaluate whether the outlook for your company is improving and cope with changing demands at work.More>>

CAD Management in a New Economy, Part 1   25 May, 2010

CAD managers report that the economic recession has wrought changes in their companies — and their jobs. More>>

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Programming for CAD Managers, Part 3   11 May, 2010

Learn how to create command shortcuts with this simple introduction to AutoLISP.More>>