Column: CAD Manager
Programming for CAD Managers, Part 2   27 Apr, 2010

Getting started with programming is easier than you think — try out these practice projects and get some real work done in the process.More>>

Programming for CAD Managers, Part 1   13 Apr, 2010

By honing your skills, you can create solutions customized to the needs of your users and increase your value as a CAD manager.More>>

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Get Your Users to Help You   9 Mar, 2010

An efficient work environment requires communication and effort on the part of users, not just CAD managers. Here's how to get the conversation started. More>>

Win Over Your Users   23 Feb, 2010

As a CAD manager, putting in the extra effort required to communicate clearly with your users, understand their needs, and become their advocate will pay off for them — and for you.More>>

Make Your CAD Resolutions Stick, Part 2   9 Feb, 2010

Following up on your BIM-based plans for 2010 requires strategy, research, and a lot of testing.More>>