Column: CAD Manager
Motivation and morale in difficult times: How to keep morale up during down times.   31 May, 2003

We are living through difficult times for many people, and the general anxiety level is high. There are concerns about the state of the economy and unemployment, about violence and terrorism alerts, and about armed conflict in the Middle East and the threat of additional warfare elsewhere in the...More>>

Quality assurance in AEC design CAD is changing how we handle this essential building design phase.   31 May, 2003

CAD automation in the AEC drawing production process is changing some of the fundamental processes and aspects of professional practice, and not necessarily for the better. One such area is quality assurance checking and coordinating of drawings among the various...More>>

Plotting in style: The face-off between named and color-dependent plot styles.   31 Mar, 2003

Though the official buzz at Autodesk University in December was about keeping CAD data digital, most of us continue to fuss with plotting to paper. Paper remains the preferred medium in many situations for all kinds of historical, practical, and legal reasons. I love the maxim "Never send a...More>>

Manage the Review ProcessAnnual performance reviews can be an effective CAD management tool.   31 Jan, 2003

We often receive queries from CAD managers, especially young people or those new to the CAD manager role, about how they can learn about the people-management parts of their job. Internet newsgroups and forums feature a stream of complaints and grumbling about CAD management duties in environments...More>>

What now?   30 Sep, 2002

The ongoing quest for full-featured, easy-to-use CAD software.More>>